V2 Virtual Reality Headset for Smartphone

  • Virtual reality headset for smartphones (Android & iOs) FEATURES – Custom made VR lenses: 100° FOV
  • Farsightedness and nearsightedness settings
  • Compatible with most recent smartphones (Android & iPhone)
  • Optical settings: IPD and immersion adjustment


At a glance, the HTC Vive VR looks like most other virtual reality headsets. It is a nerdy contraption that fully covers the user’s eyes while straps hold it securely in place. While not the most compact device of this kind, the Vive is light for its size, hence comfort wasn’t an issue for us while testing it. As for the controllers, you get two of them – one for each hand. Reminiscent of the PlayStation Move controller, they feature a trigger button, a button at the side of the handle, and a large circular trackpad.
Unlike existing VR products, the HTC Vive VR does not deliver a stationary experience; it actually lets you move around the virtual environment. To make this possible, both the headset and the controllers employ arrays of tiny sensors which are used for tracking the user’s location. Position tracking in multiple dimensions is done with the help of two devices situated in front and on the right side relative to the user, at the upper edge of the respective wall. These beam invisible laser light across the room and enable the real-time monitoring of multiple Vive headsets and controllers within a 15 by 15 feet area.

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